In 1986, 20 years after reaching the "Land of Opportunity",  the Salamone Family opened the original Franchesco's with the dream of introducing our family's Sicilian history and traditions. Food preparation techniques, and recipes that were handed down over the last two centuries are certainly evident in our daily routine. 

At 93 years of age, Frank Salamone the family patriarch, continues to prepare his original sauces and dishes that have attracted guests from all corners of our country.

After 33 years of striving towards culinary perfection, our latest generation of Salamones guarantees your experience at any of our restaurants will be unique, as well as exemplary. Join us as we visit our family's most memorable event of the day, "DINNER", where every sitting is always considered a feast. 


Explore our Unique Dining Experiences

Franchesco's Ristorante

Rockford's Home for Casual Fine Dining

Franchesco's Ristorante stands as a pinnacle of fine dining, offering an exquisite culinary journey in an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. We're known for our authentic Italian cuisine, masterfully crafted by skilled chefs using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. The restaurant's interior exudes a luxurious charm, with its rich, warm tones, ambient lighting, and tastefully curated art pieces that create a welcoming and refined atmosphere. The attentive and professional staff ensure a memorable dining experience, complemented by an impressive selection of fine wines. Franchesco's Ristorante is not just a meal; it's a culinary adventure that engages all the senses, making it a beloved destination for special occasions and gourmet enthusiasts in Rockford.

Address7128 Spring Creek Road | Rockford, IL


Benny's Bar & Lounge

Relaxed Atmosphere. Amazing Experience

At Benny's Bar & Lounge you'll find an exclusive collection of cocktails, a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and all the great menu items from Franchesco's. With our Rockford famous outdoor/indoor patio, live music series, and amazing service, you're sure to have a wonderful time.

Address7128 Spring Creek Road | Rockford, IL


Fresco at Anderson Japanese Gardens

Enjoy Brunch at the Gardens

Fresco at the Gardens, Rockford's exclusive Restaurant offers a culinary-designed menu featuring a wide range of breakfast and lunch creations features handcrafted coffee, espresso, cappuccino, freshly squeezed juice creations.In search of the absolute top-notch quality, we have found that you have to go directly to the source. Fresco has partnered with local suppliers to provide you with the ultimate dining experience.Stay and enjoy the beautiful Anderson Japanese Gardens a beautiful, outdoor setting that inspires the mind and energizes the soul. Their twelve-acre landscape of streams, waterfalls, winding pathways, and koi-filled ponds has been rated one of North America's highest quality Japanese gardens for more than a decade.

Address318 Spring Creek Road | Rockford, IL


Just a Few of Our Items

From fine dining entrees to pizza and more. There's something for everyone to love at our family of restaurants. 

Enjoy breakfast, brunch, and lunch at Fresco and then unwind over a cocktail and dinner at Franchesco's or Benny's. 


Whether Outdoors at Klehm Arboretum, or Indoors at Franchesco's, We Can Help Make Your Special Day an Unforgettable One.

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